Omega-3 technology goes for its best shot yet

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Marketing of the Institute's omega-3 microencapsulation technology through its joint venture company, Speirs Nutritionals Partners LP, stepped up a notch with the development of a nutritional shot, which can deliver 100% RDI of EPA/DHA (500 mg) in a 6 ml sachet. This shot can be consumed directly or mixed with yoghurt at the point of consumption. The product is stable for six months under refrigeration and does not have any perceivable off-flavour. This innovation is a significant improvement in the omega-3 product range, as all known competitive omega-3 products delivering over a 60mg/serve have a perceivable fishy flavour.  The nutritional shot has been displayed in several exhibitions around the world through global marketing partner Croda Europe, and has received huge interest from the food and nutraceutical industries. The product is now in the final stages of commercialisation.

The Riddet Institute commercialised its patented technology for the microencapsulation of omega-3 fatty acids through its joint venture company Speirs Nutritionals Partners LP in 2008. The company set up a state of the art manufacturing facility in Marton and the first commercial product was sent to Europe in 2009.