Riddet Institute Student Colloquium 2017

Thursday 9th November 2017

This year's annual Student Colloquium, held in Auckland on Sunday 5th November 2017, was an excellent event and it was the perfect opportunity for all of our PhD students from across the country to come together to network and collaborate. With interesting presentations from Institute PhD students present and past, it was certainly not an event to be missed.

Special thanks goes to Dr Tim Angeli (a former Riddet Institute PhD student) for his superb presentation on what it is to be a Riddet Institute PhD student. 

Congratulations go to Nick Smith, the winner of the 3 Minute Theses Competition. His presentation and slide was knowledgeable and thought-provoking and his delivery lively. Special mention goes to runners up Sarah Priour and Olivia Ogilvie. The quality of the 3 Minute Theses was extremely high this year and we congratulate all of our PhD students for their hard work and commitment.