Riddet Institute Student Society: R Workshop

Monday 6th August 2018

On 24th July, the Riddet Institute Student Society held their first professional self-development event: a workhsop on how to use R. R is a programming software used by multiple students for statistical analysis and after a request from one of their members to learn more about it, a small teleconferenced interactive workshop on the use of R for all levels was run to learn how to make the most of this software. 

In the first session, Caleb Robinson (University of Otago) explained the concept of packages and showed a great example: dplyr. Dplyr is a package that helps you to keep your data nice and tidy.

In the second part, Sarah Priour (Massey University) showed more general command of R. The Society conducted some PCA, using the package ggplot to visualise it; ggplot being a powerful plotting package. They also showed how to present curves with their standard deviation, using this package.

The workshop was recorded and will soon be available to view on the Riddet Institute website.