Professor Juliet Gerrard

The University of Auckland

Professor Gerrard is based at The University of Auckland, School of Biological Sciences and School of Chemical Sciences. She studied at Oxford University until 1993, when she took a role as a research scientist at Crop & Food Research. In 1998 she was appointed as a Lecturer in Biochemistry at the University of Canterbury, where she became Professor and Director of the Biomolecular Interaction Centre before leaving in 2014 to take up a position at the University of Auckland.  She has over 135 publications and holds a Callaghan Innovation Industry and Outreach Fellowship. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of NZ, serves on the Board of Directors of Plant and Food Research and Chairs the RSNZ Marsden Fund Council.

Fields of Research

  • Structure, function and application of proteins
  • Harnessing protein science for NZ industry
  • Protein aggregation and assembly, especially in the context of food and nanomaterials
  • Amyloid fibrils
  • The Maillard reaction of proteins

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