Our People

Staff are located throughout New Zealand at our partner organisations, with some overseas. Scientists work on a range of research programmes including the CoRE research programme, other government funded programmes and research for industry. Below you will see how our staff encompass a variety of national universities and institutions, as well as more international locations further afield.

For more information about the work we do and how to contact us, please click on the links below or explore the side bar:

CoRE Principal Investigators

Professor John Bronlund, Massey University

Professor Manohar Garg, University of Newcastle, Australia/Massey University

Professor Juliet Gerrard, University of Auckland

Professor Matt Golding, Massey University

Professor Joanne Hort, Massey University

Professor Peter Hunter, University of Auckland

Professor Geoff Jameson, Massey University

Professor Jim Mann, University of Otago

Professor Warren McNabb, Massey University

Dr John Monro, Plant & Food Research

Professor Paul Moughan, Massey University

Professor Indrawati Oey, University of Otago

Professor Sally Poppitt, University of Auckland

Professor Nicole Roy, AgResearch

Professor Harjinder Singh, Massey University

Professor Paul Singh, University of California (Davis)/Massey University

Professor Gerald Tannock, University of Otago

CoRE Associate Investigators

Dr Eric Altermann, AgResearch

Dr Rachel Anderson, AgResearch

Dr Matthew Barnett, AgResearch

Dr Mike Boland, Massey University

Associate Professor Gail M. Bornhorst, University of California, Davis

Professor Bernhard Breier, Massey University

Professor Charles Brennan, Lincoln University

Professor David Cameron-Smith, University of Auckland

Professor Leo Cheng, University of Auckland

Professor Clive Davies, Massey University

Associate Professor Renwick Dobson, University of Canterbury

Dr Jolon Dyer, AgResearch

Professor Conan Fee, University of Canterbury

Associate Professor Kelvin Goh, Massey University

Dr Pramod Gopal, Plant & Food Research

Professor Keith Gordon, University of Otago

Associate Professor Yacine Hemar, University of Auckland

Dr Lovedeep Kaur, Massey University

Professor Marlena Kruger, Massey University

Professor Roger Lentle, Massey University

Dr Simon Loveday, Massey University

Dr Mark McCann, AgResearch

Dr Carlos Montoya, AgResearch

Mr Marco Morgenstern, Plant & Food Research

Associate Professor Siew Young Quek, University of Auckland

Professor Elaine Rush, AUT University

Dr Paul Shorten, AgResearch

Dr Jaspreet Singh, Massey University

Dr Lisa Te Morenga, University of Otago

Dr Abby Thompson, FoodHQ

Assoc Prof Mark Waterland, Massey University

Professor Bill Williams, Massey University

Professor Peter Xu, University of Auckland

Associate Professor Aiqian Ye, Massey University

Dr Wayne Young, AgResearch

Riddet Fellows

Professor Richard Archer, Massey University

Associate Professor David Everett, California Polytechnic State University, USA

Dr Nigel Larsen, Plant and Food Research

Professor Laurie Melton, University of Auckland

Professor Peter Munro, Massey University

Professor David Parry, Massey University

Professor Graeme Wake, Massey University

Affiliated Researchers

Dr Alejandra Acevedo Fani, Massey University

Dr Skelte Anema, Fonterra

Dr Tim Angeli, ABI (The University of Auckland)

Dr Prabhu Balan, Massey University

Dr Alicia Barnett, AgResearch

Dr Shalome Bassett, Fonterra

Dr Ryan Chanyi, AgResearch

Dr Stefan Clerens, AgResearch

Dr Jennifer Crowther, University of Canterbury

Dr Julie Dalziel, AgResearch

Dr Anant Dave, Massey University

Dr Laura Domigan, The University of Auckland

Dr Ashling Ellis, Massey University

Dr Maria Ferrua, Fonterra

Dr Karl Fraser, AgResearch

Dr Luke Fullard, Massey University

Professor Yi Huai Gao, Massey University

Dr Sharon Henare, Massey University

Dr Suzanne Hodgkinson, Massey University

Dr Blair Lawley, University of Otago

Dr Juliana Leite, Massey University

Dr Sze Ying Leong, University of Otago

Dr Julia Low, Massey University

Dr Davide Mercadente, University of Zurich

Dr Jane Mullaney, AgResearch

Dr Noha Ahmed Nasef, Massey University

Dr Zhigao Niu, Massey University

Dr Ali Rashidinejad, Massey University

Dr Elizabeth Rettedal, AgResearch

Sarah Roberts, Plant & Food Research

Dr Carlene Starck, Massey University

Dr Parthasarathi Subramanian, Massey University

Dr Vinod Suresh, ABI (The University of Auckland)

Dr Kevin Sutton, Plant & Food Research

Dr Rohith Thota, Massey University

Dr Caroline Thum, AgResearch

Dr Dulantha Ulluwishewa, AgResearch

Dr Teresa Wegrzyn, Massey University

Dr Fran Wolber, Massey University

Dr Michelle Yoo, AUT