Dr Jane Mullaney

Affiliated Researcher, AgResearch

Dr Mullaney worked on gut microbiota for her PhD through the Riddet Institute, studying the link between genes, microbes and the autoimmune disease type I diabetes. After finishing her PhD, Dr Mullaney started a post-doctoral position with the University of Queensland’s Diamantina Institute (UQDI), which is partnered with the Translational Research Institute, combining several research institutes dedicated to discovery and development of treatments and therapies to improve health for people worldwide. UQDI has world-class bioinformatics, proteomics and high throughput gene sequencing facilities.

Dr Mullaney got the opportunity to return to New Zealand in March 2017 when she took on a role at AgResearch. The new role, while moving away from specific diseases, is still microbiome based and focused more towards investigating food-based approaches for improving gut health. She plans to expand on some science ideas which involve developing high value food based products by Maori in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Auckland.

"Health does not have clear boundaries and we need overlapping of disciplines. The Riddet Institute sits in the space that covers health and food and technology and its collaborative networks offer tremendous scope for improving our knowledge in this space.”