Dr Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick

Affiliated Researcher, Massey University

Considerable experience investigating the effects of dietary supplementation (including probiotics) on immune function in a wide range of species (humans, cats, dogs, mice, chickens). Have also worked for a number of years investigating the biochemistry of unusual sulphur amino acids eg. felinine and isovalthine (excreted in cat urine), This felinine research work has proved to be ground-breaking, and has made a significant contribution to new knowledge in sulphur amino acid metabolism in cats.  Current research is extending this work with a project aimed to determine if humans with certain metabolic disorders such as severe diabetes, hypercholesterolaemia and hypothyroidism excrete isovalthine.  

Dr Rutherfurd-Markwick's proifle - link to: http://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/expertise/profile.cfm?stref=800230