Xiaojie Zhu

Master Student

Thesis title: Effect of Kiwifruit Enzyme on Meat Tenderisation.

Meat tenderness is the paramount factor influencing meat sales (Ma et al., 2012). The amount and composition of connective tissue (predominantly collagen) significantly affects meat tenderness (Bailey & Light, 1989; Purslow, 2005). Low value cuts of meat (e.g. brisket) are generally high in collagen. The aim of our project is to achieve tenderisation of low value cuts of meat through the use of exogenous enzymes. Actinidin (from kiwifruit) have shown its less intensive effect on meat. In our project, mild processing technologies, such as sous vide heating and/or high pressure (HPP) was applied to achieve optimum tenderisation of meat in shorter periods, followed by inactivation of enzymes to prevent over-tenderisation.

Affiliated with Massey University