Riddet Institute Overall Mission and Programmes

The mission of the Riddet Institute is to:

  • be the pre-eminent centre for food and nutritional science in New Zealand, carrying out the fundamental and strategic research that will lead to tomorrow’s innovation in high margin food products and processes.
  •  act as the integrator for New Zealand food science, setting the standard for cross-organisation, cross-discipline collaboration and facilitating knowledge transfer to industry through strong networks and partnerships.
  • show national leadership by raising awareness by the food industry and policy-makers of key global issues related to agrifood.
  • recruit and develop highly qualified scientists in food science and supporting disciplines, therefore increasing the capability and capacity to drive innovation in the food industry.
  • positively influence, not only the New Zealand food industry, but also the wider community’s health and economic and social well-being.

 As well as its  defined programme of research, the Riddet Institute carries out the following activities which contribute to its mission:

  • trains and develops young scientists
  • fosters strategic partnerships with key food companies
  • contributes to the NZ agrifood industry growth and innovation strategy
  • organises international conferences
  • brings outstanding international researchers and speakers to New Zealand