Food science classroom kit proves popular with Kiwi school children

A food tech classroom activity sponsored by the Riddet Institute is proving to be a big hit with school children around New Zealand.

The “Food for Thought” kit was named as one of the most popular of the 40 different science-themed kits brought to Kiwi primary and intermediate schools by the House of Science programme in an interview by Nine to Noon’s Kathryn Ryan with Ngongotaha Primary principal Craig McFayden on Radio New Zealand.  House for Science is an organisation that aims to raise science literacy in schools by providing science resource kits for use in classrooms.  Each kit in the House of Science programme is a resource box with up to eight activities on a particular theme.

Mr McFayden said the children loved all the kits, but the Food for Thought one was a standout, perhaps due to the prospect of eating a dried cricket that was one of the kit’s activities.  The Food for Thought kit was sponsored by the Riddet Institute and Riddet Institute staff helped in its creation. It has been enjoyed by kids in New Zealand schools since 2018.

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