Protein researcher presents work at digestion conference in Ireland

31 May 2022 – A conference in Ireland was a chance to network and present Riddet Institute work on protein digestion for Affiliated Researcher Dr Suzanne Hodgkinson earlier this month.

Dr Hodgkinson was a keynote speaker at the 7th International Conference on Food Digestion held at Cork, Ireland, during the first week of May. The three-day event attracted 247 delegates, mostly from Europe and the United States.  Her presentation concerned different methods used to evaluate protein quality and was titled, “Digestible indispensable amino acid score (DIAAS) for the evaluation of protein quality.”  She also presented results from the Project Proteos work on protein.

Dr Hodgkinson says she enjoyed the different speakers. It was her first international conference in person since the Covid-19 pandemic began and a highlight was meeting some of the scientists face-to-face she had been corresponding and working with from afar.

“It was a really good chance for networking after the chaos of covid.  Being able to see people in person was great.”

Dr Hodgkinson was also on the scientific committee for the conference, assessing summaries and abstracts for posters and presentations.

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