Riddet researchers featured in the Listener magazine

4 April 2022 – A New Zealand Listener article on alternative proteins includes comments by Riddet Institute staff and researchers in this week’s edition.

The article by Andrea Graves discusses the current trends in lab grown meats and “alt-protein” vegan alternatives, examining the science as well as the nutritional and environmental pros and cons of fake meats and cow-free milks. The story asks if consumers will buy into the fake meat and alternate dairy trend and why some experts are not convinced.

Riddet Institute staff quoted in the story and Principal Investigators in the new CoRE Programme are Prof. Harjinder Singh, Prof. Warren McNabb, and Prof. Joanne Hort.  The work of Associate Investigator Dr Laura Domigan and Affiliated researcher Olivia Ogilvie is covered in the story.  Also mentioned in the article is Adjunct Professor Dr. Jeremy Hill discussing Fonterra’s take on the trend, and FoodHQ’s Abby Thompson and Amos Palfreyman are also noted.

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