Our new Associate Investigator: Dr Kevin Sutton

The Riddet Institute is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Kevin Sutton, Plant & Food Research, as a new Associate Investigator. Dr Sutton is currently the Science Group Leader in Food & Bioproducts Technology (within the Food Innovation Portfolio) at Plant & Food Research, located in Christchurch. Kevin has developed a great understanding throughout his career of the relationship between protein and polysaccharide structure and chemistry and the control of the functionality of plant-based food products.

Riddet Institute Director, Distinguished Professor Harjinder Singh is delighted to welcome Kevin to his new role within the Institute. “Kevin’s expertise will make a valuable contribution to the CoRE programme now and in the future. I congratulate Kevin on his appointment and look forward to seeing his involvement in our world-class scientific research and the publications that will result from it,” he says.

Kevin is delighted with his new appointment to associate investigator and says, “I offer my sincere thanks to the Riddet Institute Board for this appointment. The scientific profile and excellence within the Institute is not only the best in New Zealand, but recognised globally. I am very much looking forward to increasing my role within the Institute and becoming a key part of the CoRE programme investigating plant based foods”.

Dr Sutton has a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Canterbury. Three years at Oxford University in the United Kingdom followed his PhD, working primarily on the construction of new organic molecules. Over the last 30 years, he has progressed to the position of senior scientist, research team leader and now Science Group Leader within Plant & Food Research. His main area of specialisation is food chemistry, and in particular, protein, polysaccharide and phytochemical chemistry, and interactions with human metabolism and the human microbiome. He is an expert in development and application of analytical and instrumental methods for determining the composition and functionality of food ingredients and products.

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