Prof Elliot Gilbert’s Visit to Riddet Institute

On 27th March, Prof Elliot Gilbert (Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) visited the Riddet Institute and gave a presentation on Small Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering: Natural Tools for Food Science and Technology Research.

Small-angle scattering is a natural technique for the study of soft condensed matter providing structural information on the nanoscale. On a daily basis, the most ubiquitous form of soft condensed matter with which we interact is food. At ANSTO, we have developed a research project in which we seek to investigate fundamental and industrial problems of national significance in food materials science. Much of this research uses neutron scattering as a key tool to enable structure elucidation. This presentation will briefly introduce the broad application of neutron and X-ray scattering within the ‘Food Structure and Dynamics’ group at ANSTO. Specific examples will include starch, oleogelators, triglycerides, digestion and food processing.

This talk was attended by academics from across Massey University’s Manawatu campus, as well as being open to the general public and researchers over at AgResearch Grasslands. Feedback has been very positive, and participants took the opportunity to ask a great deal of poignant questions. The visit was also an excellent opportunity for Prof Gilbert to catch up with Riddet Institute colleagues such as Dr Mike Boland (pictured).

Thank you to Prof Gilbert for giving such an interesting presentation and we look forward to collaborating with you in future.

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