The Riddet Institute reveals its new Te Reo strapline

Many of you will have noticed that in 2017 the Riddet Institute updated its strapline to “Advancing Frontiers in Food Science” – a phrase that better reflects our core values of research excellence and leadership in agri-food.

To translate this message of pioneering food research accurately and faithfully into Te Reo Māori, the Riddet Institute worked with the Māori Language Advisory Group (MLAG) at its host institution Massey University. The result of this collaborative effort is a new Māori strapline with a great depth of meaning and cultural significance: “Kōkiri – Te Hā o te Kai”.

“Kōkiri” meaning “advancing, championing or leading a particular issue or project” can be used as a rallying cry – much like our 2012 publication “A Call to Arms”. “Te Hā o te Kai” literally translates to “The essence of food”. “Hā” is everything intrinsic to a particular subject so “Te Hā o te Kai” reflects our drive to understand everything about food from its flavour and odour to its composition and nutritional value.

Our new Māori strapline with its concepts of championing an issue and all aspects of food research reflect the Riddet Institute’s position as a world-leader of food science and nutrition research.

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