What does It Mean to be a Riddet Institute PhD Student?

It was our great pleasure to have Dr Tim Angeli (Senior Research Fellow, Auckland Institute of Bioengineering) come to Riddet Institute HQ in Palmerston North to give a repeat performance of his presentation “What It Means to be a Riddet Institute PhD Student”. Tim gave this presentation at our Student Colloquium in November 2017 and it was of such great benefit to the students present, that we invited him back so we could film his presentation for future PhDs. This presentation is now available to view here.


 Dr Angeli is a Senior Research Fellow with the Gastrointestinal (GI) Research Group at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. His research focuses on in vivo measurement and monitoring of GI electrophysiology, with a specific focus on developing new diagnostic devices and interventional therapeutics for functional gastrointestinal disorders. 

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