Visit of Hon Paul Goldsmith to Riddet Institute

On Wednesday 19th April 2017 Hon Paul Goldsmith, the new Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment and Minister of Science and Innovation, visited the Riddet Institute to meet its talented researchers and students. This was his first visit after taking up his new post.

During his visit, he was given a tour of the facilities available in the Riddet Institute and MIFST buildings, including a brief tour of the Riddet Institute laboratory by Dr Simon Loveday. There, he was shown the ground-breaking gastric simulator developed by Riddet Institute researchers, in collaboration with UC Davis (USA), by postdoctoral fellow Dr Teresa Wegrzyn who uses it in her High Value Nutrition National Science Challenge project. He interacted with student and staff alike who shared their research with him. CoRE PhD candidate Sewuese Okubanjo discussed static light scattering measurements of emulsion droplet size with Minister Goldsmith, and a demonstration of soy protein gel rheology was given by CoRE PhD candidate Marina Marinea.

The Minister was particularly interested in the Riddet Institute’s integration of biology, chemistry and physics techniques in the study of food structure and digestion, and the Institute’s contribution to NZ research capability through training PhD students and emerging researchers.

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