New Zealand scientist attains international pinnacle in his field

The Riddet Institute’s Principal Investigator, Professor of Food Chemistry Laurie Melton, has been appointed as an editor of the prestigious Elsevier publication, Food Chemistry.

Food Chemistry is the world’s leading Food Science research journal and is owned by Reed Elsevier Group PLC, a provider of professional information solutions to the science, medical, legal, and risk and business sectors.

Professor Melton’s appointment confirms New Zealand’s leading role in the Food Sciences internationally. He was recommended for the role and is one of nine editors and one of only two from outside North America and Europe.

“I was delighted. I did not think I’d attain this level in my chosen field,” says Professor Melton. “ It is a prestigious appointment and one which has a lot of influence on the future of food science internationally.”

“As a member of the Riddet Institute I have worked with some of New Zealand’s leading scientists. Together we have made some exciting discoveries in the fundamentals of food. This is only possible because the government funds the Riddet Institute as a Centre of Research Excellence.”

More than 6000 papers are submitted to Food Chemistry every year and Professor Melton assigns two days a week to assessing relevancy and worthiness of publication.

Professor Melton’s career stretches over 40 years. He is the founding Director of the Food Science programmes at the University of Auckland and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists and Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology.

Food Chemistry has several editorial layers, Professor Melton is in the top tier which is supported by associate editors, two of whom are also Riddet Institute members, Professor Paul Kilmartin of Auckland University and Dr Jaspreet Singh of Massey University.

Dr Kilmartin, is a chemist and an expert on food antioxidants. Dr Singh established and leads an internationally recognised research program on carbohydrates. His research on the chemistry and glycaemic related properties focuses on the development of food with lower starch digestibility. His work has health benefits for those living with obesity and diabetes and is currently being used by industrial partners such as Goodman Fielder Ltd., Heinz-Watties Ltd., and PepsiCo International Ltd.

“It was an honour to be appointed. This position recognises my own work but also the Riddet’s global standing.”

For more information please contact:

Professor of Food Chemistry, Laurie Melton, 021 0227 5799


Senior Researcher, Dr Jaspreet Singh, 06 350 5062 or 027-624-7777


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