Milk Protein book covers everything from Biology to Industry

Academic Press (Elsevier) has published the second edition of “Milk Proteins: From Expression to Food ” edited by Harjinder Singh, Mike Boland, and Abby Thompson. This book follows on from the first edition published in 2009, and provides a scientific background to milk proteins, covering the supply chain from the biology of production and the fundamental properties of the proteins themselves, right through to technical and market aspects of products that contain them, and is intended for academics, researchers, students, and industry personnel interested in milk proteins.

This unique perspective on the dairy industry has proved very popular and led to Elsevier asking the editors to produce a second, updated edition. Since the release of the first edition, there have been significant advances in some of the topics covered in the first edition. This means that all chapters have been revised and expanded to include this new knowledge. In addition, three new chapters have been added which focus on the world supply of food and the role of dairy proteins; milk proteins and human health; and the digestion and absorption of milk proteins in the gastro-intestinal tract.

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