FAO report on dietary protein quality now online

The FAO report proposing a new method of describing dietary protein quality has been released and is available from the FAO website.

The report proposes replacing the current PDCAAS method with Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS), which is partly based on a body of scientific work conducted by the Riddet Institute.

The FAO Consultation, held in New Zealand in March 2011 and chaired by Riddet Institute co-director Professor Moughan, proposed the new scoring system that relies on measures of true ileal amino acid digestibility and lysine availability.

Professor Moughan says, “DIAAS will allow a more accurate approach to describing dietary protein quality and will for the first time demonstrate the superior protein quality of food proteins such as meat and milk. The score will also highlight the ability of proteins such as meat, milk, egg and vegetable protein isolates to complement other dietary proteins, by being a rich source of dietary amino acids.”

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