Researchers edit special issue of Food Chemistry on potato research

A special issue of the journal, Food Chemistry , containing the latest research on potato chemistry and edited by three Riddet Institute researchers, has been released by international academic publisher, Elsevier. This is the first time new developments in the field have been gathered together in one publication.

Dr Jaspreet Singh, Dr Lovedeep Kaur, and Distinguished Professor Paul Moughan have presented a comprehensive presentation of a wide range of research on the chemistry, nutrition and technology of the potato. Advances in Potato Chemistry, Nutrition and Technology includes contributions on: composition and functional components of potatoes; potato texture measurements; thermal processing and quality optimisation; fried, frozen and dehydrated potato products; the nutritional value of potatoes; organic potatoes; genetic improvement/modification of potatoes for food applications; recent developments in potato starch chemistry; use of potato by-products in industry; and novel methods of characterisation of potato quality.

Dr Jaspreet Singh said, “Potato chemistry and the technologies used to produce potato products play a major role in determining the processing quality and nutritional value of potatoes. Of particular note are several new developments in the area of potato glycaemic index, potato digestibility and the role of potatoes in human nutrition. There is much interest in the latest research from China and India, two of the largest potato producers in the world, as these countries are increasing their consumption of processed potatoes.”

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