New technologies revolutionising food engineering research

27 March 2023 - Visiting food engineer António Vicente from the University of Minho in Portugal commenced his series of lectures at the Riddet Institute this morning.

In the first of four lectures, Professor Vicente spoke on Monday on new approaches for gastrointestinal system simulation (GIT) machines, outlining some of the state-of-the-art digestion models that have been built around the world.  The second half of the two-hour session provided insight into current work at the University of Minho to develop a much simpler gastric model that could be reproduced in other research facilities. 

The reproducible in vitro Realistic Gastric Model uses innovative computer-generated 3D printing methods and silicone to manufacture key components.  Prof Vicente said the model was based on the principles of other existing GIT machines but aimed to be simpler and cheaper to replicate.

Prof Vicente’s speaking schedule continued for the next three days, turning to the subject of Biopolymers for Bio-based Packaging Purposes on Tuesday, New Food Processing Technologies: Modulating Protein Properties using Electric Fields, on Wednesday, and Microbial Fermentation and Bioprocessing for the Bioeconomy on Thursday.

All lectures were held at Te Ohu Rangahau Kai Boardroom and via teams.

Professor António Vicente is Professor in the Department of Biological Engineering at the University of Minho, which he directed prior to his current appointments as vice-Dean of the School of Engineering and Director of the Doctoral College of that University.

He is a Senior Member and Specialist in Food Engineering by the Portuguese Engineers Association, where he is currently deputy coordinator of the Specialization Committee in Food Engineering. He is also a member of the International Society of Food Engineering (USA).

As a researcher, he is part of the Center for Biological Engineering (and the recently approved LABBELS Associate Laboratory) and has dedicated his work to the development of micro and nanotechnological systems for application in the Agro-food sector, to the evaluation of their behavior in dynamic in vitro digestion systems, to the study of the influence of the application of electric fields in cells and biomolecules to change their functionality and the development of new bioreactors and their application in bioprocesses.

He has published more than 350 articles in international ISI WOS journals and more than 30 chapters in books of international circulation. He is the author of more than 400 papers presented in congresses and five patents and editor of five scientific books.

Guest lecturer Professor António Vicente from the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) delivers the first of a series of special lectures on innovations in food engineering.
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