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The Institute provides a challenging, yet supportive, scholastic environment for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. Our students come from institutions all over the world to be part of our world-class learning environment. The Institute has an express objective of populating industry and academia with thoroughly trained high-achieving scientists. Many of our graduates go on to top positions in industry and academia. Some of our scientist’s profiles are below, sharing their thoughts on why they enjoy working at the Riddet Institute.

Current Opportunities

The Institute offers opportunities for postgraduate students, post-doctoral fellows and overseas research interns. It also has a Visiting Fellowship scheme for scientists who are leaders in their field. Postgraduate Scholarships are for full-time study. Internships for overseas students are offered for a period of up to six months

If you are interested in working within the Riddet Institute, monitor this page for available opportunities, or contact us with your expression of interest via our email address.

Riddet-AgResearch Chair in Cellular Agriculture

CLOSES 11:30PM, 25 jUNE 2023

PhD Fellowship - Protein fermentation in the human colon

closes 11:30pm, 23 June 2023
Meet our Scientists
If you are considering joining the Riddet Institute, here are some of our scientists talking about why they like it and the advantages it brings
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