Supporting Māori Success

Our impact wants to provide real change and improved economic, educational and health outcomes for Māori. We facilitate innovation by Māori food companies and support Māori students to pursue education and careers in food science and the food industry.

Riddet Institute Māori Strategy

The Riddet Institute is committed to helping improve economic and education opportunities for Māori. The Institute, which specializes in growing New Zealand’s capability and capacity for food research and innovation, has been building strategic alliances and connections with Māori in order to help support the development of community-generated initiatives for better social outcomes.

Industry Support

In 2019 the Riddet Institute will publish a refreshed Māori Strategic Framework, looking to further support the success of Māori by deepening its engagement with iwi, organisations and individuals. The refreshed framework will better define how the Institute will facilitate innovation by Māori agri-food businesses, to support their economic growth. We will refine the goals and actions that will allow the Institute to realise its Treaty of Waitangi obligations through its support of improved economic and educational development for Māori, and thereby positively influence not only the New Zealand food industry but also the economic and social well-being of the wider Māori and New Zealand community.


The Riddet Institute is proud to support and co-develop meaningful activities to encourage Māori to pursue education in food science and nutrition (and careers in food research or the food industry). In addition, the Institute will explore new ways of providing support to key partner initiatives facilitating Māori aspirations and success.

Please contact Stakeholder Relationships Manager to discuss our work with Māori or to discuss partnership opportunities.
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