7th International Conference on Food Structures, Digestion and Health

On behalf of the scientific and organising committees, we are delighted to invite you to join us at the 7th International Conference on Food Structures, Digestion and Health to be held in Queenstown, New Zealand, on 14 - 17 November 2023.

A sustainable food supply is one of the great contemporary challenges facing humanity. Climate change, water availability and the loss of agricultural land force changes in food production systems at a time when the global population continues to grow. Furthermore, the prevalence of obesity, metabolic diseases and malnutrition in our societies caused by excessive or unbalanced diets is a worldwide concern. New technologies with the potential to change the very basis of food production are needed to support the transition to more sustainable food systems and diets.

The 2023 Food Structures, Digestion and Health international conference is the seventh in a series co-hosted by the Riddet Institute (New Zealand) and CSIRO (Australia).

This year we aim to showcase the latest scientific discoveries that address challenges for optimising the nutritional value of sustainable foods by unpacking the hierarchy of complex structures occurring in foods and modifications during processing and gastrointestinal digestion. Increasing knowledge of the digestive behaviour of food materials will translate into the formulation of food that provides optimum nutrient bioaccessibility and absorption.

The 2023 FSDH conference will bring together world-leading scientists from diverse disciplines and innovators from the food industry with common interests in food science, technology and nutrition, offering the opportunity to form new networks, establish research collaborations and partnerships, and develop joint research initiatives. Early career researchers and students will have the opportunity to present their research to leading scientists.

We welcome you to join us in Queenstown/Tāhuna, one of our premier food and wine locations. Queenstown is a true four-season destination, offering an adventure playground extraordinaire in a breath-taking natural environment, an unrivalled range of attractions and a vibrant night life.

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference dinner on Thursday 16 November 2023 with beautiful views of Queenstown in the background.

Best wishes,

Dr Alejandra Acevedo-Fani, Chair of the Technical Committee                                                            
Adjunct Professor Dr David Everett, Chair of the Organising Committee

Riddet Institute, Massey University

Aerial view of Queenstown at dusk. 

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